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Most finance professionals aren’t technologists and most technologists don’t understand the day to day objectives of today’s finance departments – that’s where we come in. We are a modern day CPA firm. By combining the deep business analytical prowess of a traditional CPA firm with modern digital capabilities, C9 empowers finance leaders with the insights and platforms to drive better strategic decision making. We are a new breed of advisory firm, setting the trend instead of following one.

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Rotational Internship & CPA Development Program Winter 2024

December 2023 - January 2024 Boston, MA
“My time as a Cloud9 Winter Intern has been an awesome experience with a mix of professional and personal exposure to the business world. The projects that I was involved in throughout my internship have the ability to make a long lasting impact on the company for years to come. Even for me only being a sophomore in college, I felt that I was treated as a full time employee and was respected and trusted by my other colleagues. With the assistance of Chad, Sarah, Emily, and Zoe, the other C9 Intern, I was able to successfully complete tasks that will propel Cloud 9 towards a positive trajectory for the future. Additionally, this collaborative effort provided valuable insights into the significance of certain key aspects within their industry of expertise. Throughout the five weeks, I did not feel like a typical intern grabbing coffee for other coworkers and instead I felt that I was a true C9 Team Member. With the guidance from the C9 Team they made sure I stayed on track with my tasks at hand. They use a hybrid work environment where we were in the office Tuesday through Thursday and had “deep work days” on Mondays and Fridays. This allowed for me to have both the collaboration aspect of in-person working and checking in with the team but also having independent days to allow me to make progress on my projects and tasks I was given. Going into the office also allowed me to have an experience of what the commute would be like in the busy city of Boston including riding the commuter rail and walking throughout the city which I was unfamiliar with previously. I acquired a better understanding of my colleagues on a personal level, particularly with regards to Chad. Zoe and I had the privilege of having lunch with Chad during our office days, exploring local eateries in Boston, and engaging in more personal discussions rather than exclusively focusing on work-related matters. Chad ensured my projects reflected my personal experiences and semester courses. This allowed my interests to be involved and ensured success. I was successful. One of the major projects that I was responsible for was analyzing the current C9 tax process as a team and conceptualizing this into a flowchart to be used as training material for new hires. Chad was able to use my experience as a McDonalds Crew Trainer to determine if there were efficiencies or improvements that I knew of that could be applied to C9's new hire program. I am very grateful for this opportunity to work for C9 over this winter break. My experience and view on the professional and office environment has grown substantially while working for C9. I was able to make long lasting professional relationships that have had a positive impact on me. C9 has shifted its focus from just CPA work to focusing on CFO as a service, assisting clients with taxes, and digital development. They have really expanded on the connection of the business and tech industry with the ability to make a real difference in the near future with endless possibilities. These past couple of weeks have been a long lasting experience with lots of learning opportunities that I will also be able to apply to my future career. I greatly appreciate everything that Cloud9 has done for me and hope to work with them in the future. ”

Rotational Internship & CPA Development Program

December 2023 - January 2024 Boston, MA
“During my internship at Cloud9 Advisory, I gained a valuable and enriching experience that went beyond my expectations. Despite being a sophomore, I was entrusted with specific tasks that contributed to the progress of various projects within the company. The intimate setting of a small company allowed me to establish meaningful connections with coworkers spanning diverse areas of the business. One remarkable aspect of my internship was the opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance directly from Cloud9's CEO, Chad. Despite my status as an intern, Chad empowered me to excel and valued my contributions. Stepping into the office, I felt a sense of appreciation that fueled my creativity. In meetings, my voice was not only heard but actively considered as I collaborated with fellow employees on tasks aligned with their work. Connecting with former interns who transitioned into different roles at C9 provided invaluable insights, helping me and my fellow intern navigate our responsibilities effectively. Throughout the five weeks of my internship, Cloud9 took the initiative to align my interests and strengths with specific tasks. One notable project involved the collaboration between Cloud9 and Pepperdine's capstone course. My responsibilities included reviewing a blog post, crafting a proposal, and creating an abstract aimed at captivating future readers. I actively participated in meetings with Pepperdine's professor and Cloud9's staff, contributing to discussions, providing feedback, and assisting in the planning of the proposal for the next cohort. Additionally, I conducted a comprehensive review of C9's website, offering my insights on the strategic placement of specific services within the service matrix based on their overall focus. This hands-on experience not only enhanced my skills but also allowed me to make a meaningful impact during my time at Cloud9 Advisory. Overall, interning at Cloud9 Advisory created a compelling experience both in office as well as at home. A key element of Cloud9's approach was the strategic design of a schedule that prioritized work-life balance. While I spent three days a week in the office, this arrangement allowed me to fully immerse myself in the in-office environment, fostering connections with colleagues and engaging in collaborative efforts throughout the day. Shared lunches provided an opportunity to explore different parts of the city and build personal connections with my coworkers. These in-office days emphasized the significance of collaboration and provided the structure to adapt and establish a productive routine. On the days when I worked remotely, Cloud9's hybrid schedule allowed me to concentrate deeply on tasks at hand, fostering a conducive environment for focused and productive work. This flexibility in the work arrangement contributed positively to my overall internship experience, offering a balance that catered to both collaborative in-office dynamics and focused remote workdays. Cloud9 Advisory's thoughtful approach to creating a hybrid schedule enhanced the quality of my internship and showcased a commitment to fostering a flexible and supportive work environment. ”
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