CloudHealth Technologies

About CloudHealth Technologies

Our leadership team is comprised of tech industry veterans with deep domain expertise in IT infrastructure and cloud management.
- We’ve raised $86 million in VC funding to date, with the most recent D round closing in Q2 2017
- We have over 600 customers worldwide, and counting.
- We have over 185 employees and are growing very aggressively.
- We’re headquartered in Boston, with offices in San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Kuala Lumpur & Amsterdam.

Our employees are here to learn, grow, participate, and drive the agile process as part of one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world. We are committed to offering a unique opportunity for talented people who want to be involved in a growing company, who embrace innovation and agility.


Digital Marketing Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Boston, MA
“I loved my 12-week internship with CloudHealth by VMware (formerly ClouldHealth Technologies before they were acquired by VMware one year ago). As the Digital Marketing Intern, I worked closely with the Digital Marketing team on a number of marketing projects throughout the summer. I personally wrote five blog articles that are published under my name on the company website, focusing on the cloud industry. I copy edited blog articles and other website content and worked with Photoshop to create images for the company's daily tech blog. I also completed various digital marketing projects throughout the summer where I was needed. Finally, I gained experience in SEO, writing meta data copy for blog copy, and web strategy. Overall, I was able to gain incredibly valuable experience, and this internship has steered my future career aspirations to work in a marketing role at a Boston-based tech company. ”
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