Coal River Mountain Watch

About Coal River Mountain Watch

Coal River Mountain Watch's mission is to stop the destruction of our communities and environment by mountaintop removal mining, to improve the quality of life in our area and to help rebuild sustainable communities. We are a front-line group in the struggle against extreme energy extraction. Our programs range from the Citizens' Enforcement Program monitoring and acting on coal company operations to the Coal River Environmental Education for Kids program providing fun, wholesome learning opportunities. We host journalists and student groups in our Road Show project, clean up streams and community assets in our Tadpole project, and plan to raise a hemp patch in our Sustainable Energy and Economic Diversification (SEED) project.


Sustainable Energy and Economic Diversification (SEED) Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Naoma, WV
“The freedom to pursue a variety of different initiatives. I also appreciated the warmth and kindness with which I was constantly shown by the staff of the organization. ”
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