Coalition Against Hunger

About Coalition Against Hunger

Imagine the courage it takes to pick up the phone, call a total stranger and admit that you don't have enough food to feed your family.
At our office this happens dozens of times per day, and it is what drives us. Hunger hits every zip code and chances are strong that you know someone who faces or has faced hunger, even if they have never voiced their struggle. For more than two decades we have fought hunger in the Greater Philadelphia region with one guiding principle. Hunger is preventable.
Our Mission: Founded in 1996, the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger strives to build a community where all people have the food they need to lead healthy lives. The Coalition connects people with food assistance programs and nutrition education; provides resources to a network of food pantries; and educates the public and policymakers about responsible solutions that prevent people from going hungry.


MyCompass PA Project Intern

June 2017 - August 2017 Philadelphia, PA
“I was given a lot of independence in the project and a lot of trust was placed in us, which was a big confidence boost. The project also taught us a lot about the systems we were working within. This project also allowed us to interact with many other Philadelphia organizations so we were able to see many other organizations outside of just our office.”
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