Coastal Marine Education and Research Academy

About Coastal Marine Education and Research Academy

CMERA was founded to provide students the unique opportunity to be in the field and work directly with marine life. This program was designed to be 100% hands-on and in the field, so that each day you spent with CMERA you are on a boat catching and handling live animals. We are trying to give students the chance to use equipment, handle wild animals, and to participate in ongoing research. Many students choose a major without having any experience in their field of study. CMERA provides that experience so students can get a feel for real science outside a classroom or lab. Our application process is simple and we try to accommodate every applicant as best we can.

We hope that this experience will ignite a passion for science and research in the students involved, and we hope that this experience will help guide each student's path after they graduate. This experience has helped many of our previous students choose a specialty for graduate school, get accepted into other internships and into a career and we are thrilled to assist in that process!


Program participant

May 2021 - May 2021 Clearwater, FL
“The internship was very educational and hands-on. I learned about the anatomy, physiology, and ecology of sharks and rays. I was able to tag sharks and capture them using tangle nets, long lines, and rod and reel fishing, while also obtaining research skills that I can apply in my future career.”

Research Scientist

June 2019 - July 2019 Clearwater, FL
“Their knowledge and passion for their work we were doing. The educational lectures were very beneficial and the experience was unique.”
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