Code Tenderloin

About Code Tenderloin

Code Tenderloin works with individuals left out of San Francisco’s economic gains to prepare, stabilize, and teach them job readiness and life skills for entering the workforce giving members of our community radical opportunities.

Our goal is to increase employment rates for men and women of color, formerly incarcerated or homeless individuals, and to provide them with support needed to get them employed – and ultimately into a meaningful career.

Founded by longtime Tenderloin resident Del Seymour in 2016, Code Tenderloin works specifically with populations that have had challenges or barriers access good paying jobs.

Why It Matters
While employment rates are historically low, and the median household income in San Francisco Bay Area is up to $96,000 a year, huge disparities remain for communities of color. Nationally, Black / African American median household income is just $38,555 – the lowest of any other racial or ethnic group.

Code Tenderloin comes out of an acknowledgement that we must do a better job of ensuring that economic gains are improving quality of life for all – not just those with access. Our core work is grounded in supporting our community to access the Bay Area economy, 16th largest in the world, which until now has not included them.


Web Design Intern

June 2020 - July 2020 San Francisco, CA
“Refining my HTML/CSS skills, getting exposure to Bootstrap, seeing other interns' web design projects”
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