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Week-long summer tech camps for budding programmers: future video game designers, app developers, robotics engineers, 3D modelers & animators, and just plain technology fans. Check out what kids and families are talking about – the amazing program, teachers, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) approach that make CodeREV Tech Camps the memorable AND educational experience kids crave all year round!


Why should I learn math or science or engineering? When will I ever use this? CodeREV Kids answers this question by providing a curriculum that excites and ignites students while they explore STEM in a way they never knew existed before. By learning coding, technology, and robotics, students experience how learning math and engineering can help them build fun, amazing, and useful things. Everything students do at CodeREV Kids is project based, so students engage in the deepest forms of learning while they build their unique creations and explore their creativity. P

CodeREV Kids was born out of a desire to fill a need in education, a need to provide a true, comprehensive technology education in a fun, stress-free environment. Our STEM focused courses and tech camps provide the basis for a much deeper education in technology than what students receive at their schools. This is because our instructors are all both industry tested STEM and computer programming professionals, and because these instructors have gained a wealth of teaching experience to kids in STEM, Technology, and Coding in various formats.

Our Tech/Coding classes and camps are all project-based, which means students are applying computational thinking to each coding skill they learn, and are using the highest level processing skills as identified by the Common Core for true comprehension of the material they are learning to use and apply.

Further, CodeREV Kids is supported by education and technology experts out of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the MIT Media Lab, so it is a perfect synthesis of education and STEM. This is evidenced through CodeREV's amazing STEM and TECH Coding Camps and After School Classes.


Camp instructor

June 2019 - July 2019 Charlotte, NC
“Inspiring kids to solve problems and code”

Programming Instructor

June 2018 - August 2018 Potomac, MD
“The flexibility and topics! I taught Java (modding in Minecraft), game development with Unity, and basic coding in Scratch. I was given an informative curriculum to guide me and it was my choice on how I wanted to teach it depending on class size, age of students, resources at my disposal, etc. It was a lot of independent learning and adjustment.”
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