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About Cognella, Inc. and University Readers

Our vision of academic publishing

Singular Visions, Shared Success: Cognella is a growing independent academic publisher whose titles are shaped by professors' classroom experiences and the successful teaching moments they've created.

Our author-professors combine their academic backgrounds, areas of research and expertise, personal experiences, and original ideas.
Our titles contain material that has been class-tested by the author - allowing for review from the most important critical audience of all - real students who are ready to learn.
Our publishing environment encourages professors to share new ideas, and helps them sustain the enthusiasm that brought them to the academic world in the first place.
Why we are different

A Marketplace of Fresh Ideas: Every student, every class, every university is different... so how can one big book meet everyone's needs? We've published over 600 titles, and we've learned that there are professors out there who are looking for something different.

Our titles aren't built for a broad, generic market. Instead, we publish titles for select courses, titles with a history of successful teaching moments - providing an opportunity for other students and faculty to experience this same success.

Our Title Catalog features class-tested works for courses like Race & Ethnicity, Victorian Crime and Horror, Non-Majors Biology, Global Sustainability and Innovation, and Media Studies. While we have titles for many major and minor courses, ours are developed not from a team of marketers, but from a teaching professor's classroom experience.

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Production Assistant

May 2019 - August 2019 San Diego, CA
“At Cognella, I liked that there was flexibility with start times every day. There was a company picnic that really allowed me to bond with my coworkers. I also liked that there was constant feedback and support when I needed it. ”
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