Columbia Grain International, LLC

Harvest Worker

June - September 2019 • Rudyard, MT

What I liked

I really liked the interaction with people on a daily basis. I also loved learning the new skills required to maintain the position I held. My co-workers were also great, thanks to them I was able to learn the necessary skills required to operate a grain elevator.

What I wish was different

I wish we were able to cut down the time it takes us to load a train. Since we were an older elevator it would take us about 14 hours to load a train with commodity. It would be great to get a circle track to cut down on load out time would be great, but I understand the money and work that is required for this project.


Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for help. Working at a grain elevator can be dangerous work so you can't "cowboy up" and work on your own. Ask one of your more experienced co-workers for help when it is needed. CGI really makes an emphasis on keeping its employees safe.
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