Comfort Inn and Suites Boise Airport

Front Desk Receptionist

July - August 2019 • Boise, ID

What I liked

I loved my manager. She was extremely supportive, enthusiastic, and honest. A situation arose at work around discrimination and because of how she conducts herself, I felt comfortable enough to bring it to her and know that I would have support. She handled the situation with compassion and accountability towards all of her workers and I believe that her work and personal experience showed through. She also just had a great attitude about her and it was a pleasure to see her everyday. Often there is this stereotype of having bad managers, but she challenges that in every way. She was a total delight.

What I wish was different

I wish I could have gone full time with them for a longer time. I couldn't continue working with them because of school, but I would go back. Great work environment. I would say that because of the structure of the hotel -- and this is most hotels anyway, there isn't much room to change in positions.


Air on the side of communication -- If you need to switch a shift, let it be known early. If you're going to be late, communicate it and be willing to express how it came out.
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