Comprehensive Engineering Services, Inc.

Transportation Engineer Intern

July 2017 • Orlando, FL

What I liked

The environment is perfect for Civil engineers about to graduate, they have flexible schedules and the pay is really good. On the job you learn how to do all the projects from beginning to end. They teach you how to use microstation if you don't know how to use, but if you are familiar with CAD it will be really easy to learn. The people that work there is really kind and they want you to learn, this means that there is no rush for you to do a task really quick, you can take your time and learn it right the first time after that it will be easy to perform that activity. the company has events that bring the people together so you actually get to know everybody.

What I wish was different

I wish they have more fields besides transportation and water resources on the company, because it is good to know a little bit about everything, but most companies focus on one or two aspect, and I love what I do, I would not change anything else


The best advice I can give to every body is don't be afraid to talk about yourself during the interview, let them know all the aspects in your life, background, academical, etc. when a conversation feels more like you are talking with a friend then you will have more chances to be hired. But if you have a panel with multiple interviewers then focus on what they ask and try to answer the questions while highlighting yourself as the asset they will want for the company.
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