Conservation Society of California dba Oakland Zoo

Animal Care Intern

June - September 2020 • Oakland, CA

What I liked

I worked on String 10 and I really liked that I was given so much independence and trust. The zookeeper I worked with was very flexible, kind, understanding, and overall a great mentor. She gave me many opportunities to see zoological veterinary procedures which I expressed an interest in at the beginning of my internship and to work with animals outside of our string as well. I worked with other interns, volunteers, and zookeepers as well and never met a mean person or someone unwilling to help out of the bunch. We also had intern classes where we would learn about the different aspects of zookeeping, then a behind the scenes tour of a different part of the zoo each week, such as elephant training and giraffe feeding.

What I wish was different

I wish the zoo provided more benefits for interns and volunteers, I.e. free lunches/snacks from the food courts, provided meals, etc. We were unpaid and still had to pay for our own transport, meals, and volunteer shirts.


The more you put into learning about the animals you are working with, the more fun you will have.
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