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About CoolGreenPower LLC

CoolGreenPower ( is a Concord, Massachusetts-based company that focuses on simple, quick and inexpensive solutions to help business owners and government leaders save energy and money. Our vision is to become the premier provider of energy-efficiency tools for governments and businesses. Our primary product, COOLNOMIX®, is an easy-to-install, add-on energy-efficiency device for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems that has been shown to reduce energy consumption by 30% while maintaining a more consistent temperature in the conditioned space. As of December 2017, 15,000 units have been installed worldwide and numerous well-documented case studies have demonstrated significant energy and cost savings. COOLNOMIX® is patented and UL-listed.


Sales intern

July 2017 - August 2017 Boston, MA
“The independence I had.”
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