CoreLife Eatery

About CoreLife Eatery

We're creating a place where people with active lifestyles feel connected to healthy food, and we're in need of players who want to be a part of creating that world.


Food service, food, and health is important.
Willing to speak up in defense of real food.
Respect the way food is handled and prepared.
Have an interest on where the food comes from and what's good about it.
Willing to try and do the things that make a person "healthy",
Working here is an investment of yourself. Beyond learning how to make some of the most flavorful and healthiest foods on the planet, you will also acquire healthy food knowledge that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.This should have a positive impact on how you cook and eat and ultimately how you feel. That's a pretty cool perk - HEALTH.


Food Service Worker

July 2017 Webster, NY
“A variety of positions and requirements in the workplace require employees to be flexible and cooperative, which in turn develops and strengthens those characteristics. Customer service is also rewarding when customers are nice, grateful, or pleased. The employee discount is also good and the juice drinks slap. ”
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