Cornell Outdoor Education

About Cornell Outdoor Education

Cornell Outdoor Education develops teamwork, leadership, and growth through outdoor experience.
We do so by:

Teaching outdoor skills and judgment for lifelong recreation and fitness.
Promoting environmental responsibility through personal connection to the natural world.
Empowering individuals and groups to move beyond self-imposed limitations.
Igniting a passion for experiential learning.
Enhancing initiative, self-reliance, and compassion for others.


CAU Outdoor Adventure Camp Instructor

July 2018 - August 2018 Ithaca, NY
“It is endlessly rewarding to work with COE, because it gives you opportunities to grow in your leadership as well as watch others grow through the outdoor experiences you lead. I never would have imagined myself coaching kids through rappelling off the stadium, or teaching them how to canoe, but COE gave me the opportunity to rise to learn more about my own skills and abilities, and it instilled in me the confidence to teach others. It has been such a great experience learning the ropes of an outdoor adventure program that is built upon the premise of expanding the comfort zone and abilities of each person that passes through as a participant or as a leader. ”
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