Cottage Grove Place

Certified Nursing

May 2017 • Cedar Rapids, IA

What I liked

I loved that I could build relationships with my residents and they always had awesome stories to share about their careers and families. I also got a taste of how the healthcare system is like and what I could possibly do to help mediate some of the problems as a nurse.

What I wish was different

I wish the administration could do something more about the staffing issue. I understand that it is a national problem, having a shortage of qualified CNAs and nurses, but burnout is a serious concern of mine. I've had several episodes while I was working over the last 3 summers.


Do NOT overwork yourself or you will not be able to give quality care. Also, if you do not care, do not come to this line of work. The people that live here think of this place as their home and staff hired at the nursing home need to treat the facility as a home as well.
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