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About Davis School District

With 90 schools and 75,000 students, Davis School District is the second largest school district in Utah. With an inclusive and collaborative learning and working environment, the district believes every employee contributes to student learning. High expectations, innovation, and a strong commitment to continuous improvement, Davis School District often leads ground-breaking changes in education across the state. We hope you will join our team of educators making Learning First every day!



October 2017 - August 2018 Layton, UT
β€œI loved the flexible hours and being able to come in after school and get my work done. The teachers who stuck around were always nice and helpful.”

Part time custodian

May 2018 Kaysville, UT
β€œIt is a great college job. Not too many hours. I do not have to think too hard about my work while I am attending school. My employers know and realize that I am a student and are more than willing to work with me on my schedule when I am busy or my classes are at different times than work, so the schedule can be flexible as long as I accomplish my responsibilities at work.”
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