Development Homes, Inc.

About Development Homes, Inc.

Development Homes, Inc. (DHI) has been at the forefront of efforts to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities since its inception in 1974. DHI has played an important role in restricting North Dakota’s services providing community-based living programs, appropriate education, training and support services to individuals in the communities in which they live. In response to the need, DHI has evolved from the operator of a single group home to a multi-faceted provider of residential, transactional and vocational support services.

DHI is committed to the provisions of quality community based support programs which enable those we serve to maximize their potential and fulfill their personal dreams. These guiding principles are entwined in all planning, implementation and actives including core services to people with disabilities, charitable gaming, and connections within the community. Our focus is on our employees, the people we support, our stakeholders, our board of directors and our community partners.



April 2019 Grand Forks, ND
“Getting to know each client and gaining experience in the rehabilitation field.”
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