About Didion

Too many internships are simple job shadows or grunt work. Not at Didion. Our interns get real-world experience and the opportunity to showcase their skills and ideas. When an employer sees a Didion internship on your resume, they know you’ve gained experience, expertise, and leadership skills that will serve you well as you begin your career.

We’re high-tech. We’re family-values. We’re each team member playing a role in the company’s success. Didion is an industry-leading employer. But, don’t take our word for it!

“I came in the fall for an onsite interview after the career fair at UW-Madison and I was really impressed with how Didion puts a lot of trust into their interns and helps them to grow professionally. I was excited by how much I could make an impact in the short amount of time that I will be here!” – Savannah, 2020 Process Improvement Engineer Intern

That sentiment rings true no matter the intern you talk to! #humblebrag

Who is Didion and what do we do?
Home to North America’s newest and most-advanced dry corn mill and co-located ethanol/alcohol facility in Cambria, Wisconsin, Didion’s proprietary milling process allows us to select the best elements of each corn kernel for food processing, utilizing the remainder for alcohol-based products, like hand-sanitizing liquid.

Nurtured with 48 years of passion and technology, Didion powers some of the world’s most respected food brands with a full array of corn products, including brans, flours, grits, meals, pregelatinized ingredients, whole grain, and famine-relief meals. Didion’s research and development team also help customize products to meet customer-specific requirements.

Why does all that matter?
Our work impacts millions of people across the world.
You probably have food made with corn processed at Didion on your shelf or in your fridge right this very moment. How about that pizza you ate last night? Yep. Corn is in pizza crust! Or, how about cereal, corn chips, cornbread, or breading on a chicken strip? You guessed it! Corn is in those, too!

Families have a meal to eat tonight in dozens of developing nations because of the work we do at Didion.

Hundreds of local farmers can provide for their families thanks to partnering with Didion.

Emergency personnel in our communities are safe because of hand sanitizer donated by Didion.

All of this is possible because of dedicated, talented, and caring people. Those people work at Didion. You, too, could make a big impact. We would love to have you join us!


Accounting Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Sun Prairie, WI
“I liked the responsibility and accountability given to me in my internship. Didion made me a part of the team and relied on my to enter timely and accurate work. ”
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