Diversified Technologies, Inc.

About Diversified Technologies, Inc.

Diversified Technologies, Inc. is a world-leader in high power systems that address notable challenges of our time:
• Basic research: DTI’s equipment is used in basic physics research at the National Labs and similar facilities around the world that seek to reveal the foundations of the universe.
• Space monitoring and national security: DTI designs and installs the world’s most powerful radar transmitters, enabling a clear view of activities globally and in deep space.
• Wastewater purification: DTI markets systems that dramatically improve performance in processes that make recycled water safe for people and the environment.
• “Green” energy production: DTI is a leader in technologies proven to unlock the potential of algae/biomass as a renewable energy source.
• Global warming initiatives: DTI also develops power systems that play an essential role in deep sea oceanographic research examining global warming, ecosystem health, etc.
DTI was founded by MIT graduates in 1988. Twice selected by R&D Magazine as one of the 100 most significant products of the year, DTI’s PowerMod™ systems are produced and sold in a wide range of configurations. Its fifty employees (including five PhDs) strive to bring technology and products to high power applications world-wide.


Electrical Engineering Intern

January 2020 Bedford, MA
“Everyone at the company is not only inclusive, but ready to teach you anything. My coworkers are very experienced and welcome new ideas, as a result the company is agile and ready to accommodate. You are expected to learn a little bit of everything, and should be ready to jump on any task. Having an internship here is ideal because you will be exposed to a lot of different subjects and facets of EE, allowing you to really decide well what you want to do (not just at DTI, but for the industry in general). The office environment is very chill, and everyone is friendly. ”
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