F. M. Kirby Foundation

About F. M. Kirby Foundation

The F. M. Kirby Foundation was established in 1931 to provide funding to non-profit organizations which help foster self-reliance or otherwise create strong, healthy communities. Today, programmatic areas include arts, culture, and humanities; education; environment and animals; health; human services; public affairs; and religion. The Foundation aims to manage and utilize effectively that which has been entrusted to it over multiple generations of the Kirby family. It takes pride in the long-term relationships it has established with its grantee partners.



June 2021 Morristown, NJ
“I liked so many aspects of this experience but what I loved the most was the legitimacy of the position and the feeling that I was actually contributing to the work of the Foundation. Being given the authority to write pieces for the Foundation's website and attending site visits to grantee partners gave me really valuable experience that aided in the formation of my own post-graduation plans. ”
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