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About Fall River Deaconess Home

Deaconess Home is a private, non-profit, community based agency serving youth and their families with a comprehensive continuum of residential, educational, and supportive services. Located in the Historic Highlands of Fall River, Massachusetts, Deaconess provides educational, mental health, and health care services to youth and families from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont in an environment that is nurturing and supportive. Continuing in this tradition for well over a century, Deaconess has grown into an agency employing one hundred staff in a variety of roles, including special education, health services, habilitative services, behavioral health, and clinical counseling and social work. We offer a positive work environment where staff from all disciplines work together to provide high quality care.


Non Profit Management Intern

August 2020 Fall River, MA
“I started my internship at the Fall River Deaconess Home with no prior experience to how non -profits and group homes functioned. Under the Assistant Deputy Executive Director, I was able to learn the proper and professional way to research, apply for, write, and execute grants- all while helping her with everyday projects and meetings. On top of this I was also introduced to the work that goes behind achieving accreditation. Interning for the Deaconess Home also allowed me to step into an administrative role to keep the agency moving, but I was able to learn, help, and obtain information that will be useful anywhere I will work in the future. The environment at the Deaconess Home to me was warm, inviting, professional and a great place to connect with the other workers. Being here during COVID was also a great experience, as the agency was always clean, conducting wellness screenings and following the safety procedures. So far, after over a couple of months interning here, I have learned and accomplished more than I ever thought I would. The Administrative office welcomed me and helped me through every step of my internship. Working here as an intern has been a great experience and has prepared me to graduate college ready to step into another job. ”

Non-Profit Management Intern

September 2019 Fall River, MA
“I loved getting to meet so many people that had advanced degrees in fields similar to what I was planning to do. Getting to meet everyone that worked at the Deaconess Home, and getting the opportunity to learn a little about all the job positions was an amazing experience. Interning at the Deaconess Home really helped me get closer to making a decision about my future career and everyone I worked alongside was so helpful and encouraging. ”
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