Falley Scout Reservation- Summer Camps

About Falley Scout Reservation- Summer Camps

We run summer camps for scouts of all ages! Our programs range from weekend Fun-With-Family camps for kids under 13 to week long resident camps for participants up to 17. Our camps combine building useful skills like leadership, navigation, and first aid with fun things every kid likes to do at camp like swimming, shooting BB guns, and climbing. We want people on our team who are ready to share a love for the outdoors and camp activities with the next generation.

In the above image you can see our beautiful Lake Jayhawk, a spring fed lake just north of Lake Perry. Every year hundreds of kids and young adults come here to swim, hike, and enjoy the outdoors!


Handicraft Instructor

June 2018 - July 2018 Oskaloosa, KS
“This was a rewarding of a job it was and it was a great way to spend my summer. My day-to-day duties included teaching merit badges (pottery, basketry, first aid) and leading games for scouts ages 6-18. On evenings off I enjoyed hanging out with the other staff, hiking trails, fishing, and paddle boarding. ”

Aquatics Instructor

May 2015 - August 2015 Oskaloosa, KS
“It's a great job if you enjoy camping and the outdoors. I was able to teach boating activities and earned a lifeguard certification.”
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