FamilyPath Autism Services, LLC

About FamilyPath Autism Services, LLC

FamilyPath offers comprehensive behavioral intervention services for children ages 2 - 5 using the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). The ESDM is an evidence-based, contemporary Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment approach, combining the principles of ABA with naturalistic and developmental practices. The ESDM consists of a developmental curriculum of skills based on knowledge of how typical children develop, and a specific set of teaching procedures for teaching the skills from the curriculum. The treatment protocol highlights the importance of child initiative and spontaneous social and communicative behavior, with the ultimate goal of helping children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) achieve a more typical developmental trajectory.


Program manager

July 2016 Madison, WI
“I love my job. Getting to help children with autism learn while keeping their autonomy is amazing! ”

Behavioral Treatment Technician

December 2017 Milwaukee, WI
“The personal reward from seeing progression within my client’s lives. Spending time playing with children in a natural setting. ”
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