FANUC America Corporation

Associate Engineer

June - August 2021 • Rochester Hills, MI

What I liked

I spent most of my time working with the installation engineers, I learned so much from them and loved interacting with the customers! I truly felt like a FANUC employee when I got to assist with the development of a simulation or the troubleshooting of downed robots. I also loved interacting with and working on Robots within the lab.

What I wish was different

Work was very scarce. I often asked for work to do and most of the time was met with "nothing at the moment". If I had a more solid work schedule, I feel I would've been much more satisfied. My summer project was also incredibly slow paced, much time was spent waiting for software engineers to finish something. I feel if the internship was a bit more planned, it would've turned out much better. Everything felt as though I was just thrown into the department and now they have an intern to keep busy.


Stay motivated. With the low workload, it can be easy to just shut down. I recommend trying to network with those in your department when you don't have much to do and have already asked for work. Another thing you could do is develop your other skills while waiting, for example: I learned C++ on code academy in my spare time.
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