FASHINNOVATION - Facilitating connections & Inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset

About FASHINNOVATION - Facilitating connections & Inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset

FASHINNOVATION is a global platform that connects people and ecosystems of fashion & innovation worldwide, inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset and encouraging a more sustainable industry. We bridge the gap between the fashion & tech industries, building communities & facilitating collaborations through our events, extent network, HUB, and business partnerships.


Business Development Intern

May 2022 - July 2022 Miami, FL
“ thoroughly enjoyed my job for several reasons, with a significant highlight being the opportunity it provided to immerse myself in the world of sustainable fashion. Exploring this rapidly evolving field allowed me to gain invaluable insights into ethical and eco-friendly practices within the industry. What made the experience even more enriching was the chance to engage with pioneering innovators and visionaries in the fashion world. Through various networking events and encounters, I not only expanded my knowledge but also cultivated meaningful connections that continue to inspire my journey. This role not only satisfied my professional growth but also nurtured my passion for sustainability in fashion, making it an incredibly rewarding experience.”
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