Fay Servicing, LLC

About Fay Servicing, LLC

Fay Financial is a financial services company focused on real estate and property investment services. The firm is comprised of ten affiliate companies that provide products and services in all areas of homeownership to customers and investors. For consumers we have a real estate brokerage, an insurance company, a construction management company, and a residential loan originator and servicer; for institutional investors, we have a business purpose commercial lender, a property management company, and a title company. These complimentary businesses allow us to leverage our knowledge and experience to provide best-in-class services across the residential real estate market for our clients and customers.



May 2019 - August 2019 Chicago, IL
“It was a welcoming environment. In addition, there was fluidity to which departments I could work in. Also, I was able to get very fulfilling experience working in an office.”
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