Federal Election Commission


June - July 2019 • Washington, DC

What I liked

1) Meaningful work and opportunity to learn important skills and knowledge for the sector rather than just office busywork. 2) Hands-on environment with small and close-knit team made for a great work environment and lots of institutional knowledge being passed down/ 3) The opportunity to see how a federal commission functions from the inside at the highest level.

What I wish was different

1) Problems with security checks meant there was a portion of time where I had already moved to Washington and begun classes but was unable to start working, which I would have preferred to avoid. 2) I wish I had more time to work and gain the skills necessary to take on more responsibilities, but this was mainly a limitation of having a summer internship rather than a full semester.


Read everything very closely and more than once. Legal matters like those at the FEC are often swung by being very intentional with your words or exposing the other side for failing to. Also, don't be afraid to engage in brainstorming sessions and try strange ideas to see if they work.
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