Fédération internationale des Vins et Spiritueux (FIVS)

About Fédération internationale des Vins et Spiritueux (FIVS)

FIVS is an international federation representing trade groups and companies in the alcohol beverage industry from around the world. FIVS is based in Paris, France. The Head of Secretariat operates out of Bethesda, Maryland. FIVS represents its members on issues of common interest to national governments around the world, and interfaces on behalf of members with international organizations, such as the WTO, WHO, and OECD, via its role as a non-governmental observer at these institutions. FIVS also organizes meetings for its members and guests to encourage dialogue and the exchange of information among players in the industry. Most importantly, FIVS works on legal and policy issues of common interest to help members attain their objectives.

FIVS-ABRIDGE, LLC, is a small firm that has grown out of the initiatives of FIVS, an international trade association representing the global alcohol beverage industry. FIVS-ABRIDGE ( develops and maintains an online database of international regulations and bilateral and multilateral agreements in the global wine industry. We perform regulatory research and “abridge” the results so our users have easy access to the most important parts of the regulations and agreements they require. The firm is located in Bethesda, MD.


FIVS Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Bethesda, MD
“Excellent learning experience. My writing greatly improved and I was introduced to work on an international scale. In general the environment is welcoming and relaxed.”
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