Financially Fit Employees provides employee financial wellness benefits. An employee financial wellness program offers employees services to increase financial wellness. Financial wellness is best increased through use of an individualized and dynamic program that addresses both the motivation and the skillset associated with financial wellness behavior. As employees increase in financial wellness, they will also increase in employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. Financial wellness allows for additional focus on employees’ work because there is less stress about employees’ money worries.

Our services for companies include aggregated employee productivity and wellness reports, ease of enrolling employees, and even referral rewards. Employee services include one-on-one financial coaching, personalized financial wellness reports, clinically proven online training, FFE™ community platform use, and FFE™ paid incentives and rewards. Each of these FFE™ services directly benefit both company clients and their employees to increase financial wellness.


Social Media Manager

July 2021 - September 2021 Reno, NV
“I absolutely loved the staff I was working alongside at Financially Fit! The team was encouraging, helpful, and always allowed me to have creative freedom which I really appreciated. This experience was extremely beneficial and helped me learn a lot about social media, interacting with followers, and what content works and what doesn't. I am so grateful for the time I was employed with Financially Fit and would recommend this organization to anyone looking to take risks, grow their media content skills, and work with a great team! ”

Entry-Level Marketing Position

April 2020 - July 2020 Reno, NV
“The work environment is flexible, understanding, and lenient. I had alot of control over my work which I was grateful for and gained amazing marketing and hands-on social media experience from it.”
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