FINFROCK believes our employees are looking for a career rather than a job. We work every day to experience the challenge, pride and rewards of design-manufacture and construct by delivering buildings as a product rather than a series of services. Would you like to work on interesting projects and experience the challenge, pride and rewards for your internship?

An internship at FINFROCK is an opportunity to be a part of something different. We not only pay our interns, but we also pay for the housing for candidates that are not local to the Orlando area. Every intern goes through a rotation to learn all areas of design, manufacture and construct from the ground up. It's truly an adventure that gives you a hands-on knowledge that will set you apart from the competition when you start your full time career.

Many of our FINterns go on to enjoy successful careers with our company. Experience not only a new way to build with FINFROCK, but a new way to work as well! Apply to join our team today.

Meet our 2022 FINterns in our most recent FINterview!

Check out what our FINtern program is like:


Construction Superintendent Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Orlando, FL
“Being out on the field and learning construction ”

Civil Engineering Intern

May 2017 - August 2017 Orlando, FL
“Great Professional Development Program, rotating interns throughout the company, giving them a broad exposure. Great company culture, with helpful employees willing to help interns learn new skills and super fun planned activities on the weekends for the interns. I was able to work in the company's transportation and logistics department, helping coordinate concrete piece shipments to many of their job sites in the Orlando area, as well as work in the production facility, getting hands on experience building rebar frames and pouring precast concrete. The company also had a great mentoring program where we paired up with a full-time employee that graduated from the same college and helped us become part of the company and learn more about the career path. ”
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