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About Firelight Media, Inc.

Firelight produces award-winning films that expose injustice, illuminate the power of community and tell a history seldom told. Firelight connects these films with concrete and innovative ways for diverse audiences to be inspired, educated, and mobilized into action. We are dedicated to developing talented documentary filmmakers that advance underrepresented stories, moving them from the margins to the forefront of mainstream media through high quality, powerful productions.

At Firelight we believe media can transform viewers into active citizens. Through film broadcasts, community engagement projects, transmedia and social media campaigns, Firelight is dedicated to independent filmmaking as a vehicle for education and empowerment.

In 2008 Firelight expanded its mission and created the Documentary Lab (formerly the Producers’ Lab), a flagship mentorship program that seeks out and develops emerging diverse documentary filmmakers. The Lab provides filmmakers with one-on-one support, funding, professional development workshops and networking opportunities. More than just a workshop, the Documentary Lab is unrivaled in its representation of diverse producers, creating an exclusive network of talented unique storytellers that receive ongoing support from a project’s conception to its completion.

In addition to a focus on excellence in filmmaking, Firelight has a long history and is one of only a handful of media organizations that has a permanent engagement division. Firelight has two proven community engagement strengths — reaching and engaging diverse audiences and using historical film to support contemporary social justice organizing. By collaborating with local and national organizations that are committed to a range of social justice issues, Firelight has successfully impacted audiences for well over a decade.


Documentary film production intern

June 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“Firelight Films is a small production company so I was able to witness most aspects of both documentary production and the function of a business relatively intimately. The staff was super friendly and open to answering questions about anything whether it had to do with a specific project or the industry in general. Specifically, I was able to attend a Q&A with the producer of Strong Island, an autobiographical documentary about a transgender man's brother who was shot and killed by a white man who was never convicted in Long Island, which was an invaluable experience. I was only able to do so because the company was small but extremely prestigious with connections throughout the entire documentary film industry, specifically by and for people of color. The fact that the company had a specific mission and was very successful within its purpose made it a worthwhile place to spend a summer. Additionally, all of the interns spent everyday together at one table, so I was able to connect with them and learn about different college experiences and where they planned to take their career or interests. It's super valuable to bounce ideas off of other college students, particularly ones who don't go to Wesleyan and have different perspectives.”
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