fka SV Inc.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

June 2019 • San Jose, CA

What I liked

The office is close to home which is San Jose. The employers are super understanding of a student's inflexible schedule. They do their best to accommodate this and offer flexible work hours. There are a lot of projects to work on so I am exposed to a lot of current technology trends. They appreciate and care of my own intake of problem solving/perspective.

What I wish was different

Personally, I wish I had more experience and had more knowledge in my field. It was new to connect what I learned in school with real life applications but essentially, it gets a lot easier.


Try to just be a sponge and soak in all the knowledge you can. The staff is super passionate in teaching you and are understanding. Apply even though you feel under experienced because you never know. Once you land the job, be eager to learn and have fun.
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