Focus Marketing Events

Events Manager

July - August 2018 • Tampa, FL

What I liked

I learned many new skills such as interpersonal communication, advertising, and marketing. I got to talk to various people and use the skills I learned in the field, as my main task was to promote small businesses and their products. It was amazing to know that I was helping customers find a product that they needed, but could not find anywhere and let them try it out, but also helping the new brands gain recognition.

What I wish was different

I wish I didn’t have to drive out too far to go to the field, because I got assigned a different place every week and some of them were a long commute.


Although I was scared and discouraged at first, I pushed through and saw so much progress in myself and in my work. So my advice is to be persistent and believe in yourself, because that thing you’re most reluctant to do is often the one that needs the most work and gives the highest reward, whether it be psychological or physical.
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