Fore Insight Group, Inc.

Operations Coordinator Intern

January - May 2020 • Dover, DE

What I liked

Miss Kilby is a very knowledgeable woman, a woman that is well versed in many areas and helps you to achieve the goals that you may have for yourself. She took her time to explain everything she needed from me and took the extra mile to check-in to make sure I understood. She was very instrumental in helping me understand how to operate a business. I learned that business-owning is far from simple, and you have to be mindful of the audience you are catering to, and even mindful of the competitors you may have to make sure your business is set apart from others that operate in the same field. You MUST be intentional in all things that you do.

What I wish was different

There is nothing that I have to complain about regarding this opportunity. The only wish I have is that we had more time to expand and connect. COVID-19 cases had risen, and it took away from some of the time we had together. Moreover, it was a great opportunity. Every interaction with Miss Kilby was an edifying one.


I believe in every experience or opportunity you may stumble upon, show up as your honest self. Miss Kilby is a very sweet woman with a passion to share her knowledge and gifts with whoever is willing to put themselves to work. She is a woman of detail as she tailored my internship uniquely to my needs as an individual.
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