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Discover FORVIA, the world's 7th largest automotive technology company.

FORVIA provides solutions for a safe, sustainable, advanced and customized mobility. Composed of 6 business groups with 24 product lines, FORVIA comprises the complementary technology and industrial strengths of Faurecia and HELLA. FORVIA is focused on becoming the preferred innovation and integration partner for OEMs worldwide.

New trends and expectations are reshaping the automotive industry. Inspired by the exciting new challenges associated with this revolution, Faurecia anticipates the future of mobility developing cutting-edge solutions for smart life on board and sustainable mobility. If you’re willing to contribute and create value for tomorrow’s cleaner and smarter mobility, Faurecia is the place to be.


health, safety and environmental Intern

February 2023 Franklin, OH
“As an HSE Intern at Forvia, I played a pivotal role in ensuring that the organization's health, safety, and environmental (HSE) protocols remained current and effective. My responsibilities included the assessment and improvement of HSE practices at the facility, as well as conducting comprehensive audits of general HSE procedures and Safety Core Production. Throughout my tenure at Forvia, I leveraged my expertise to update a significant number of HSE documents, enhancing their relevance and accuracy. I further contributed to the plant's overall safety culture by disseminating these updated materials across the facility, ensuring that all team members had access to the most current and relevant information. This hands-on experience allowed me to refine my skills in HSE management, auditing, and communication, equipping me to excel in future roles within the health, safety, and environmental field. Continuing my role as an HSE intern at Forvia, this semester has been a continuation of the positive experiences I had last term. I played a pivotal role in maintaining and improving the organization's health, safety, and environmental (HSE) protocols, expanding my responsibilities to encompass Safety Core Production. This comprehensive involvement deepened my understanding of HSE management, broadened my auditing skills, and refined my communication abilities. The emphasis on continuous improvement, with ongoing updates to HSE documents, contributes to a proactive safety culture at the facility. Overall, the experience has been instrumental in my professional development.”

Intern Treasury

August 2021 Auburn Hills, MI
“Office culture, helpful colleagues”
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