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Does anyone know what the company culture is like at Foss Swim School?

An amazing workplace where everyone is kind and welcoming. We encourage each other and always have a smile within the walls of our pools. I truly love my job and have close relationships with my co workers. Little to no drama, because we are to focused having fun at work.
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Swim Instructor position at Foss Swim School?

Make sure you are comfortable with children, and confident in your swimming abilities. Understanding your own body coordination is big, because you will almost always have to demonstrate parts of strokes and techniques. Also, emphasize your communication skills, because in the course of one lesso...
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Walk us through a day as a Swim Instructor at Foss Swim School?

It is a rigorous schedule. Classes are typically half an hour long and they are all back to back. Foss has a rigid curriculum which they train you in that you follow for each class. You are expected to be professional, smile and engage meaningfully with the children both as an instructor and more...
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What's a day in the life of a Swim Instructor at Foss Swim School like?

Get to work 15-30 minutes early, make sure your lesson plans for the day are solid, and then change into your uniform. Most shifts are about 4 hours, and in the course of those 4 hours you'll teach 6-8 lessons (lessons range from 30-45 minutes). Time management and efficiency are crucial, because...
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