Free Methodist Church USA


January - December 2019 • Nairobi, Nairobi County

What I liked

I like that there is such an openness between Free Methodist World Missions and their missionaries. If you're having difficulties, it's easy to open up and share. My supervisors are very engaged and check-in often. Lastly, there is a great family of Free Methodist's around the world who support you!

What I wish was different

I wish I had a partner sometimes. Not like a spouse, but someone working with me.


I think everyone and everyone should take a gap year. Even if you know what the Lord is asking you to do, it's always best to take time away and DO that thing that the Lord is calling you to (as best you can) and see if it's really THE thing. The Lord knows the plans for you and you can say that if God is calling you, you just want to keep on studying, but there's benefit in working in that field! I chose psychology as my major and NOT missions because of the gap year I took. The Lord knew I was mission minded, but I needed to really zero in on what I would be doing in the mission field.
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