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The mission of Free Spirit Media is to cultivate diverse youth voices to transform media and society. Free Spirit Media provides youth on Chicago’s South and West sides with a comprehensive foundation in media literacy and a hands-on media production experience through a youth development lens. We employ a holistic program model to develop youth into productive, connected, and engaged adults. Since our founding in 2001, Free Spirit Media has empowered more than 5,500 youth to share their stories, discover their potential, and engage their peers and communities through digital media. Free Spirit Media’s programming includes school-based media arts education, after school digital media programs, and advanced pathways programs that connect participants with opportunities in professional media industries. Participants at all ages and levels of our programming are supported in developing 21st Century skills that prepare them for success in college and careers. Please see for more information.



July 2020 - September 2020 Chicago, IL
“This was a virtual internship. While I didn't get to experience the feeling of being in the newsroom, I was still able to connect with the other team members via Zoom. I enjoyed the projects that were assigned. I was able to grow as a journalist.”

Social Media Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Chicago, IL
“I like that Free Spirit media places you on sights based on what you're interested in. I worked during the summer and they still send me emails about media opportunities happening throughout the year. Some are paid work that would be harder to find solo and others are free classes that help to improve skills in media like Camerawork, Editing on different software, directing, and social media among the few classes they offer throughout the year.”
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