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About Fresh Prints

Fresh Prints is a custom apparel startup. We find incredible students and give them the working capital, training, and support to start and run custom apparel businesses on their campuses. We already have a rapidly growing (too rapidly) army of 300+ Campus Managers and 75+ full-time team members who’d love to have you join the fam!

We hire students as Campus Managers, you will find clients, pitch student groups, and work with them to design (we have a 24/7 team of artists dw) custom apparel for their events. You’ll be working hands-on with them in order to organize their orders. You’re a true entrepreneur in that you’re responsible for hustling to build the business from the ground up. But you’ll also have a lot of support from us.

Through our training program, you will learn how to shoot your shot with a sales pitch, communicate with clients, use all of the resources FP has, close a deal, and tons of other tangible skills.

We ask for 10-15 hours of work. There’s no set schedule so you work it into yours.
We give you 7% of every order. The average CM earns $8,000 a school year. (Click here for an article with more details)


Campus Manager

March 2021 Athens, OH
“Strictly on commission, great chance to network around camous”

Sales Manager

March 2015 New York City, NY
“Love the company culture and relationship with the executive team. ”
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