Food Prep/Cashier/Team member

June 2018 • Saint Paul, MN

What I liked

There is so much talk around getting internships and more "professional" jobs, but not everyone can afford to do that and that's okay! I love talking to customers and chopping vegetables. I liked doing a job that was fun because of what it was, not because of the opportunities it would afford me in the future.

What I wish was different

A bit more money would be nice, but largely what I would change is the conversation surrounding my working at Freshii. I wish people had been more responsive to the fact that it's okay to get a job just because you need the money.


Take your time figuring out what you want to do, and take a fun job like this every once in a while just to make some money, meet friends outside of the Mac bubble, and learn the value of all types of work.
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