Grayhill, Inc.

About Grayhill, Inc.

Grayhill, Inc. is a dynamic organization that offers engineering solutions for controlling electronic equipment. Grayhill Instinct is a set of multi-touch gesture recognition software tools that, when integrated with Grayhill physical components, creates more intuitive human interface solutions. Grayhill designs and manufacturers intuitive human interface solutions that make life simpler, safer and more efficient. Not only acting as a manufacturing partner with various clients from multiple industries (including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, health care and military) but optimizing performance of products making it easy to use. Whether it's a display, touch or motion sensing technology Grayhill is part of the intuitive control solution.

We are very proud of the individuals that work for us. We hire people who want to partner with an organization that is innovative and cares about customer's needs.

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Secondary Auditor/Machine Operator

May 2019 - August 2019 Iola, WI
“I liked the opportunity to work overtime hours if I wanted to.”
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