Inclusive Wellness Design

About Inclusive Wellness Design

We create inclusive spaces that build healthy habits, optimize potential and celebrate diversity through sustainable, human-centered design. Merging universal design technologies with centuries of Indigenous healing, our team designs spaces both for relaxation—to cultivate mind-body connection and positive neuropathy—and inspiration—to encourage out-of-the-box creative and collaborative thinking with coworkers.

Inclusive Wellness Design creates multicultural spaces that reflect the diverse ecosystem of people who make up our workplace cultures, supporting their physical, social, emotional and mental health. Our spaces promote a crucial sense of psychological safety and belonging for everyone, while educating the workplace as a whole about diverse perspectives. Our inclusive design plans create accessible places that welcome people of all backgrounds and physical abilities.


Interior Design Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Fort Worth, TX
“This Internship although unpaid was a great experience! I was able to meet so many amazing people and grow my network. I also worked with a diverse group of interns from many majors. The work was very hands on, I was able to meet with the clients and was very involoved in the entirre process. Another thing that stood out to me was the passion and motive behind the work that The CEO Marissa was doing. She geniunely cared and wanted to make an impact through our designs. ”

Communications Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Fort Worth, TX
“Inclusive Wellness Design is an amazing business that is really working hard to bring more awareness towards inclusive well-beings. The emphasis on mental health and creating spaces to better your health and create healthy habits is very honorable. Throughout the internship there was space to make mistakes, have full creative ability, and room to connect with other interns and owner. Although it was an unpaid internship, the knowledge gained was more important overall. ”
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