Indiana Department of Transportation

Legal Clerk

June - September 2018 • Indianapolis, IN

What I liked

I many opportunities to experience the variety of types of law that INDOT deals with, whether that be internal ethical polices, real estate, public policy, litigation, the list goes on. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The legal team is also heavily female, which was not something I had experienced before. I was handed real work and delivered work product that I know benefited the state and was a good use of the tax dollars that paid my salary, and that satisfied me.

What I wish was different

The pay was low, but that is typical with a government job. I also did not receive paid overtime.


I wanted a legal internship before I took the LSAT so that I could make a more informed decision about if I even wanted to be a lawyer. The only place I could find that would hire an undergraduate student to do legal work was in the government. I highly recommend getting some experience in public service before committing to law school, because this experience has been illuminating for that decision in my life.
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