About is an intellectual property solutions provider that helps organizations make complex business decisions around their innovations. Our industry-leading portfolio of services enables businesses to increase revenue, optimize operations, and manage IP risk through insightful data analytics and publishing. Our Advanced Concept Search tool lets you search for U.S. patents, applications, and other non-patent literature. Since it is powered by our proprietary Semantic Gist technology, results are more accurate than those from a traditional keyword search. The unrestricted version of this tool is used in InnovationQ. You can quickly and efficiently find relevant documents that other search tools miss. Advanced concept searching analyzes the words in each document and maps them into concepts, then uses the concepts to rapidly locate documents that share similar ideas and context. The more text you feed into the search, the better the results.


Software Quality Assurance Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Syracuse, NY
“The internship in general was a very good learning experience and I have learned a lot from my supervisor.”
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