Ironhold Capital Management

About Ironhold Capital Management

The Ironhold Capital Partnership was originally formed to provide exceptional risk-adjusted returns for large institutional and select high-net-worth investors. The Founders of Ironhold Capital set out to satisfy the global investment community’s need for unique opportunities not already exhausted and covered by today’s Wall Street analysts.

Leveraging the unique experience of Ironhold Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Siddharth Singhai, Ironhold Capital delivers opportunities on a global scale in regions that are often poorly understood and widely overlooked by Wall Street counterparts. Utilizing the proprietary and confidential Global Deep Value (GDV) Investment Strategy, the Ironhold Capital Investment Committee can seize the immense growth potential that exists in today’s emerging markets while harnessing the stability of the United States.

Furthermore, as an investment firm, Ironhold Capital strives for excellence by fostering a community that embraces rigorous research and analysis while promoting an environment full of independent thinking, openness, and inclusion. Ironhold Capital has been previously featured on publications including Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, CNBC Hedge Fund Alert, Business Insider, Value Week, Alpha Week, as well as many others.


Financial Analyst

November 2020 - June 2021 Green Bay, WI
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