ISO New England, Inc.

About ISO New England, Inc.

ISO New England is one of the most pivotal energy companies you’ve probably never heard of. Our job is to oversee the 24/7 operation of the power grid that covers the six-states of New England and to administer the region’s $10+ billion “stock exchange” for buying and selling of wholesale electricity. Our work ensures that over 14 million people can reliably turn their lights on and complete their jobs, take care of their families, and live in comfort with convenience.


Power System Modeling Intern

June 2023 Holyoke, MA
“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with ISO New England! The internship program is truly well-developed; you go on field trips, have luncheons with senior staff, participate in personal and professional growth workshops, and present a final project to the company as a culmination of all the work you did. It was a much more comprehensive program than I was initially expecting, particularly compared to my own previous experience with other internships and accounts from my peers. I really appreciated the work environment, too. I had enough tasks and projects to feel like I was learning and being challenged, and people were always available and approachable for questions, comments, and concerns. Honestly, the whole experience made me more confident in the workplace and more comfortable with thinking about life post-grad. ”

Corporate Communications Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Holyoke, MA
“The company culture is unmatched at ISO New England. They have a strong work-life balance and treat the interns very well. From the free backpack to catered lunches to the housing stipend, they take care of us interns and make us feel like full-time employees. The leadership style was also awesome. Supervisors have a universal open-door policy and a hands-off approach. They help you when you need them, but do not micro-manage. I also love that the work environment is hybrid where we can be virtual 2-3 days a week.”
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