Itasca County, Minnesota

About Itasca County, Minnesota

Itasca County is a great place to Live, Work and Play.

The County Seat, Grand Rapids, is also the County’s largest city. Itasca County covers 2,900 square miles and is home to 45,658 residents.

Located in the middle of Minnesota’s nature people share in celebrating small town living values. In Itasca County you will find a community rich with art, culture and history. In Itasca County there are many different bodies of water from big lakes, to small creeks, to major rivers. Over 1400 lakes are located within the county.

You will find a prevailing sense of optimism among residents of the possibility and promise for the future of this community. Itasca County is positively the best of all that Minnesota has to offer.

County government plays a central role in our communities. Among many other things, counties protect our homes, schools and neighborhoods; maintain safe roads and bridges; provide access to health care; fund and run elections; operate our 911 systems and jails; maintain parks and recreation programs; oversee land use; provide waste and recycling facilities; and serve as the safety net for our children, the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill, and those who need a hand up.


Administrative Support

July 2019 Grand Rapids, MN
“I love my job here at Itasca County. I love the hours, competitive pay, benefits, and consistent schedule. This has made it really easy to work full time and attend classes online as well. ”
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