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About ITility, LLC

At ITility, we provide advanced IT services and solutions supporting enterprise operation and modernization for clients in government as well as the military services. Our expertise includes agile software development using GitFlow on a variety of technical stacks and languages, including low-code, infrastructure as code, and test automation. We provide telecom and network management, database administration, advanced analytics, and cyber security. We leverage Azure and AWS platforms and maintain partnerships with Appian and ServiceNow. Our teams provide a range of tailored and scalable IT solutions to enable customer success.

Our mission operations and program management teams support the DoD and national defense agencies providing myriad professional services. Our expertise include:
• Functional support services to United States Air Forces in Europe
• Training, education, and rapid R&D of emerging Cyber technology for U.S Special Operations Command and Marine Special Operations Command
• Enterprise analysis, executive services support, and information security/information assurance for the US Army Chief Information Officer

ITility’s Renewable Energy and Agriculture (IREA) division is committed to developing and implementing solutions to our world’s growing need for sustainable practices in energy production and waste management. IREA developed a customized anaerobic digestion (AD) system to address the issues of animal waste accumulation and nutrient runoff in the fragile Chesapeake Bay watershed area. We are currently in operation on a commercial chicken growing farm in Westover Maryland, employing the biogas from our AD to reduce the farm’s reliance on propane gas and generate renewable electricity.


Information Technology Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Herndon, VA
“I liked that I got hands on experience on everything instead of being assigned to just one task”
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