Finance Intern

June - August 2019 • Dublin, CA

What I liked

The inclusive culture within the company. I was able to meet a large portion of the company outside of the finance, accounting, and sales side of the company to learn as much about future careers as possible. The broad experience was great, but what I really loved was the personal relationships I developed with my coworkers. They always made an effort to make sure I had an interesting project to work on. I still talk with a few of them long after the end of the internship. I was given high-level work and a look into how the executive team functions to run the company.

What I wish was different

My commute was an hour each way so living closer to the offices would have been the only improvement on last summer.


Trust the people at the company to help you and reach out to other people and you will be rewarded. Everyone in the company is happy to talk about what they do and what they are working on, which makes the jo more rewarding, and you learn a lot more.
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